USH Covenant on the Earth

Unitarian Society of Hartford Covenant on the Earth, our Environment and Social Justice to apply to
Unitarian Society of Hartford Building, Grounds, Meetings, Programs, and Events
(approved by the Board 02-09-10)

We, the members and friends of the Unitarian Society of Hartford, covenant to affirm and promote the commitment of the USH and its members and friends, adults and children, to become an environmentally sustainable community consistent with our belief and respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.

In order to fulfill our commitment, we pledge ourselves, in good faith and cooperation to the following:

–Creating worship that honors the Earth and promotes consciously lightening our footprint and setting an example for others to follow;

–Sustaining the Meeting House as a place of worship and education that is environmentally healthy for all USH members and friends, adults and children, including those more sensitive to toxic or hazardous chemicals, children and those with compromised immune systems due to age or disease or physical ability;

–Decreasing our reliance on non-renewable and environmentally harmful forms of energy for producing the electricity, heating and cooling needs of our congregation by the purposeful pursuit of healthy and more sustainable energy and fuel sources;

–Practicing integrated pest management and organic landscaping methods for both indoor and outdoor pests, relying on non-toxic or least toxic control methods;

–Striving to “vote with our feet” by establishing environmentally preferable procurement guidelines that rely on considering if a purchase is necessary, if an item can be repaired rather than replaced, purchasing the greenest version that works, including recycled content, recyclability, and local sourcing;

–Striving to further model our belief to live in a more sustainable manner, lightening our footprint on the Earth and setting an example by reducing or eliminated our reliance on single use, so-called “disposable” items which buy us a small measure of short term convenience at the cost of tremendously increased use of raw materials, energy, increased pollution and toxics, vastly increasing waste disposal.

–working together to raise the money to carry out these actions where they cost more than other less sustainable approaches.