Meeting House Sing-Along – Third Saturdays

Meeting House Sing-Along – Third Saturdays

Contact: Fred Louis or Ed Savage 860-966-8155 (cell)

Join us at the next Meeting House Sing-Along. Fred Louis and Ed Savage are offering an opportunity to CT Singing families, singers, song-writers, and audience members to join in song on the third Saturday of each month from 2 to 5 PM. We will have song-sheets and some loaner copies of Rise Up Singing available. Bring your own ‘Rise Up Singing’ if you have one, as we have used it a lot in other months. We will also use the NEW “Rise Again” sequel – 1200 more songs to sample.

VAX protocol: OK to sing, socially spaced, if you are vaccinated AND boosted; even so, if anyone is uncomfortable about singing unmasked, we should ALL wear masks. Please feel free to express your caution about COVID contagion by contacting Fred and Ed (see above).

We will have some KN95s for sale if you come without a mask.

If you have NOT completed your COVID vaccination cycle, we ask that you skip the Sing-Alongs for now, to protect you from US.