Why I Joined

Just as we believe there are many paths to the truth, there are many reasons our members join.

“This is a place that you can come each week to be reinspired and reinvigorated. Here I have found an intergenerational community of authentic people discussing and tackling real world issues.
—Tara C.

“I like coming here because this church is welcoming and open. I feel like I can be myself without being judged. I really enjoy the fact that the kids are free to express themselves.”

“Church hadn’t been a place I was drawn to in my young adult life. ‘Interested in spirituality, but not religion?’ was the question the 20s/30s Group at the Unitarian Society of Hartford posed that compelled me to visit for the first time. I felt enough space to be who I naturally am and deepen my spiritual questions in an accepting and welcoming environment. ‘It’s all good’ is the feeling of this place. After Sunday services I leave feeling uplifted, grounded, and open-hearted. And for that I am grateful.”
—Lisa G.

From one of our most senior members, who helped our church evolve for more than 80 years!

Eighty Years is Hard to Put into a Few Minutes

“I have been asked to talk about what this society means to me. I could just say “everything” and go sit down, but I’ll try to elaborate a bit. Eighty years is hard to put into a few minutes.”

– Betty Arnold