Religious Education for Children and Youth

A New RE Program is here at USH!

As we reawaken and sprout anew after so many months of virtual services, our RE program, like an autumn caterpillar in metamorphosis over the winter, has transformed.


Easter Sunday at USH ~ and an Easter Egg Hunt!

Rejoice with us, in the many traditions of spring… feel the warmth of each other’s presence anew after so long in isolation from our friends, neighbors, and community. Our intergenerational service will begin at 10:30 am, and an Easter Egg Hunt will occur following the service for all children and teens under the age of 19. If weather permits, the hunt will occur outdoors. If it is raining or there is too much mud, it will occur indoors. There will also be coffee hour refreshments light snacks, cookies after the service. We’ll also have a photoshoot area available to any families looking for the perfect spot to take Easter photos/ The photoshoot area will be open for an hour, both before and after the worship service. Special thanks to our pulpit guest Rick Tsukada for preparing an uplifting and inspiring service for us all to enjoy. See you here!

(And maybe you’ll see the Easter Bunny here, too!)

Introducing the Chalice Clubhouse!

A fun, child-centric curriculum fostering individuality and free-thinking, using the Seven Principles as our guiding compass. In our clubhouse, we will be exploring the theme of the adult service using our imaginations and what’s in our hearts. Every week, we will provide coloring pages, crossword puzzles, brainteasers, cooperative games, hands-on crafts, chances for dramatic play, and much more!

What to expect…

At the start of Sunday morning worship, we will all gather to witness and participate in our time-honored chalice lighting ritual as a congregation. After our opening hymn has been sung, we will hold Time for All Ages, where we will open the door for our clubhouse activities with a story based on the theme of the service. After the story’s conclusion, the children and youth present will be invited to exit the sanctuary to go downstairs to Fellowship Hall for clubhouse activities. If your child or youth would prefer to stay with you during the service, they are more than welcome to receive quiet activities related to our theme to do while they listen!

Once downstairs, we do a quick check-in with everyone present (either as one group depending on the size of turnout or in our age-range groups) before we get to our activities. We will have materials suitable to every age group from Pre-K to 12th grade, allowing all participants to have a level of choice in how they express themselves. Discussions will be led by our volunteer teachers and assistants, giving each participant a chance to share their thoughts with the group.

We will then all play a part in cleaning up our space to allow for coffee hour after the service to occur as usual. A list of our expected themes and activities will be available monthly in our RE Newsletter!

For safety and administrative reasons, the Religious Education Committee asks that you complete this registration form. Only one form is needed per family.

Online RE Sign-Up Form   Printable RE Sign-Up Form   Chalice Clubhouse Newsletter   Curriculum  USH RE Volunteer Form

We are committed to regrowing stronger, together!

Questions? Ideas? Want to get involved?

Contact Annie Witzler for additional information! or (706)-248-9438

Welcome to the Unitarian Society of Hartford! 

As Unitarian Universalists, we strive to engage in a “free and responsible search for truth and meaning.”   A key purpose of our religious education program is to provide a framework for our children as they begin their path of lifespan faith development.   As such, each of our classes is designed to include a wide range of religious and philosophical traditions, and to integrate a variety of learning styles.  We welcome all families and children, including those with special needs, and will make every effort to accommodate all children in our program.

We lived in the world of virtual church during the Covid-19 pandemic, offering options online for youth and young adults to stay connected and engaged in a variety of activities. As we navigate beyond covid we welcome your ideas and enthusiasm as we work together to create a post-pandemic community for religious education. Join us in this exciting planning phase.

What Our Children Learn

Our children are taught to think for themselves, while receiving guidance on moral and ethical behavior.   We allow their individual beliefs to unfold without any dogma. Our children will learn that all big religious questions have many answers, and that it is their duty to search responsibly for their own truth. Ultimately, we want our children to become mature adults who make their own decisions about what to believe and how to live.

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