Religious Education for Children and Youth

Summer Chalice Clubhouse!

The sun is shining, school is out, and the fun never ends at USH!

Whenever, and however, you come, we’ll be happy to see you!

This summer we will continue having The Chalice Clubhouse RE programming weekly during the Sunday service. Worship services start at 10:00 am on Sundays, both in-person and streaming online. We also have plenty of fun activities and opportunities for those traveling this summer, including a special summer hashtag for social media and an official USH reading list!

Religious Education @ The Unitarian Society of Hartford Summer 2022

The Chalice Clubhouse is a fun, child-centric curriculum fostering individuality and free-thinking, using the Seven Principles as our guiding compass. For summer, we will have a freeform classroom set up with different activities available from week to week for children and youth to participate in, including arts and crafts, opportunities for dramatic play, cooperative games, meditation sessions, and much more!

Our Clubhouse is open on Sunday mornings to all children and youth present. Please note that there will be no Time for All Ages during the summer, so youth and children who wish to participate in RE programming should be in the Paysen Miller chapel (which is located directly behind the main sanctuary) when service begins at 10 am, or be dropped off there when their family arrives for service.

We hope to see you!

Remember to Register for Fall RE!

It’s that time of year again… time to register for the 2022-2023 Religious Education year at USH! We have exciting opportunities for every age range coming up this year!
Forms are available online for printing or online completion, and paper copies will be available at the welcome table throughout the summer! Only one form is required per family. Sign up today to be first in line for fun activities upcoming this fall and beyond!

There are also plenty of opportunities for volunteering with the RE program as well! Please contact Annie Witzler ( ) for additional information.

Summer Reading List for USH!

Throughout the year, we enjoyed stories during our Time for All Ages that reflected our Unitarian Universalist Principles in action. We met a little robot looking for the meaning of love, a raccoon going off to school for the first time, and Civil Rights icon Ruby Bridges during our reading journeys this year. Missed a story, or would you like to hear one again? No worries!

The complete listing of stories read, or inspired by, our TFAA throughout the last six months at USH is here! Some will be available for children and youth to read at The Chalice Clubhouse this summer, or can be checked out at your local library! The full list is available online, and paper copies will be available on Sundays at The Meeting House.


Share Your Snacks for Summer!

Summer is the time of year when we relax, travel, and most importantly…snack! Share photos of your summer snacks with us on Facebook with the hashtag #USHSummerSnacks and show us what we should be craving! Be it ice cream out with friends, fresh salads from the garden, steaming lobster by the shore, or cotton candy at the local fair, we want to see it! Share on Facebook with the hashtag #USHSummerSnacks, or email your submissions to or

And don’t forget to donate to USH’s food pantry partners! Summer should be a time of plenty for all! Contact Diana Heyman at for additional information!


New Families Welcome!

Looking for a supportive, inclusive, non-judgemental home for your family’s spiritual needs? Let USH be yours! The summer is a perfect time to visit and learn about Unitarian Universalism, our congregation, and how USH can foster your family’s religious or spiritual journeys!

Feel free to contact Brian Harvey ( ), Carolyn Carlson ( ), or Annie Witzler ( ) for additional information about USH and its family programming!


Fall Registration for RE is Now Open!

It’s that time of year again… time to register for the 2022-2023 Religious Education year at USH! Forms are available online for printing or virtual completion, and paper copies will be available at the welcome table throughout the summer!

Help keep our information current. Only one form is needed per family each school year.  Sign up today to be first in line for fun activities upcoming this fall and beyond!

Online RE Sign-Up Form   Printable RE Sign-Up Form     Curriculum  USH RE Volunteer Form

Please contact Annie Witzler ( ) for additional information.


Volunteers Wanted for the Fall!

Love working with kids? Want to try something fulfilling and fun? We are currently looking for volunteers to assist in the running of our RE programming this coming fall for all age groups. Contact Annie Witzler at or (706)-248-9438 for information on how to get involved!

IMPORTANT NOTE: We ask all volunteers working with children and youth to submit a Connecticut State Background check before they enter our classrooms. Stop by the RE office to pick up a quick, easy form!

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We are committed to regrowing stronger, together!

Questions? Ideas? Want to get involved?

Contact Annie Witzler for additional information! or (706)-248-9438

Welcome to the Unitarian Society of Hartford! 

As Unitarian Universalists, we strive to engage in a “free and responsible search for truth and meaning.”   A key purpose of our religious education program is to provide a framework for our children as they begin their path of lifespan faith development.   As such, each of our classes is designed to include a wide range of religious and philosophical traditions, and to integrate a variety of learning styles.  We welcome all families and children, including those with special needs, and will make every effort to accommodate all children in our program.

We lived in the world of virtual church during the Covid-19 pandemic, offering options online for youth and young adults to stay connected and engaged in a variety of activities. As we navigate beyond covid we welcome your ideas and enthusiasm as we work together to create a post-pandemic community for religious education. Join us in this exciting planning phase.

What Our Children Learn

Our children are taught to think for themselves, while receiving guidance on moral and ethical behavior.   We allow their individual beliefs to unfold without any dogma. Our children will learn that all big religious questions have many answers, and that it is their duty to search responsibly for their own truth. Ultimately, we want our children to become mature adults who make their own decisions about what to believe and how to live.

Contact (706)248-9438 •

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