Connection Circles (formerly known as Small Group Ministries)

Connection Circles

(formerly known as Small Group Ministries)

If you would like to host a group or have questions about Connection Circles,

please contact Martha Bradley


Connection Circles offer an opportunity to grow to know one another better.  Within their groups, people share insights they have gained and concerns they’ve been struggling with.  They realize that they have something in common with everyone, and that they are free to disagree with others as well.  They find a non-judgmental atmosphere in which to explore the spiritual dimensions to their lives.  In short, it’s a chance to connect in a deeper way with this religious community.

There is a $5 registration fee. Please register in advance.


“It was so nice to get to know other people outside my usual group, especially across generations.”

“I felt I could say anything in my group, and even if people didn’t agree with it, I knew that they would still respect me and listen to me.”

“I expected to get to know other people better.  What I didn’t expect was that I grew to know myself better.”

“Now I have people I can really talk to about things that are important in my life.”

“I learned something from everyone in my group, about every topic that we explored.”

Some Sample Topics

What is your life passion?  How does it get developed? How does it get fed?  What gets in its way?

Is the question, “Who am I?” really relevant for us anymore?  What are the ways in which we discover who we are or what we understand as most important to us?

What does spirituality mean to you?  What have felt like spiritual experiences in your life?

Do we look for others just like us in relationship, or for someone different?  How do we begin relationships, how do we end them?  What are the responsibilities of relationship?