Ambulatory Art

The Unitarian Society of Hartford encourages the arts in all their forms, and one way of expressing that interest is the rotating series of displays in our Ambulatory Art Gallery. The ambulatory, a circular corridor circumnavigating our building, hosts an engaging array of art exhibits that change four times a year, with the goal of building community within the church and beyond. In planning our exhibition schedule, we reach out to our church family and individuals creating quality art in our area.

Artists may participate by invitation. Artists who seek an invitation can contact the Office Administrator for the consideration of the Ambulatory Art Committee. Exhibiting artists are not required to be a member of the Unitarian Society and there is no cost to exhibit their artwork.

Visitors may view the artwork on all Sunday mornings until 1 pm. Congregation members may view the work whenever they are in the building for a service or a meeting. Other times are possible by prearrangement with the artist, who can invite and accompany visitors during office hours or in the company of a member of the Ambulatory Arts Committee.

Nuts and Bolts:
The hanging display system is available for 30 works. Work may have wire or claw hangers.

Artist-generated labels for work cannot be attached to walls, but works may:

• Be listed on a provided easel with numbers referencing the works on small dots adhered to the wall.
• Be attached to the work itself.

Reception. The artist may arrange a reception or a group viewing, with notice to, and agreement with, the Ambulatory Art Committee. Reception
Costs are the artist’s responsibility.

Promotion. Publicity is available through our USH E-Newsletter. Otherwise, artists self-promote through their contacts and followers.

Sale of Work. The buyer contacts both the artist and the USH administrative office. The buyer pays the listed price of the work to the
Unitarian Society of Hartford. The treasurer reimburses the artist for the listed price, minus a commission of 30%


PHONE; 860 233-9897