Sunday Worship

We welcome you to join us for Sunday worship this Sunday! We are a friendly, welcoming community and visitors are a part of our congregation every Sunday.

We worship all year around at 10:30 a.m. online and in person, every Sunday morning. We encourage you to join our online services as well as Fellowship Time by clicking the links provided in both the weekly E-News and Worship Reminder.

Our weekly Sunday worship service typically lasts about an hour (or just a little more). Each service is crafted by our Interim Minister, Music Staff, Director of Religious Education, and lay Worship Associates to nourish our spirits, challenge our minds, and build community. The short video clip above illustrates a cherished part of our services, the Candles of Memory and Hope, when everyone present who wishes is invited to come up and light a candle as we sing together “Spirit of Life.”

During the summer months, services can be more informal, with guest speakers and members of the Meeting House sharing their insights on a variety of themed topics. Congregational dialogue is sometimes a part of these services.

Children and families are welcome and included in our services all year around. We often have a Time for All Ages story near the beginning of the service before singing our children and youth off to their groups and classes.

We strive to be an ever-more accessible congregation to folks with a variety of abilities and disabilities. Read about specific accessibility info here.

You can click on the photos below to see them more fully.