Tai Chi QiGong

Tai Chi is a martial art based on the flow of Chi (Life Force), it is often described as moving meditation that promotes physical wellness, balance and self-discipline. It consists of a series of several postures that, when joined together, make up a form that enhances the flow of Chi throughout the mind and body. Master Steve “Lucky” Luckingham, has been studying, practicing and mastering the Martial Arts since the age of five.

Tai Chi is not meeting at USH at this time.  However, the instructor Lucky Luckingham offers Tai Chi three days a week from his home in South Windsor. Classes are for all levels and consist of Beginners Welcome, Warm-Ups, Postures and Forms. The emphasis in each class may vary depending on students’ needs at the discretion of Master Luckingham.  If interested please contact Lucky directly at stephen.luckingham@gmail.com  or Ginny Hedrick at 860-677-9272.