Working for Justice

“[We] join with the larger community to promote love, justice and service to society.”
Excerpt from USH Mission in USH Constitution and By Laws

Our UU principles remind us we are all connected in an interdependent web and the standards of respect in a just and democratic system apply to all. Members of USH have focused on creating a more just world in many ways over time, following the particular passions of groups of members. Most significantly the entire congregation has voted to be a Welcoming Congregation (LGBT friendly) and a Green Sanctuary (sustaining the earth’s environment). We also have opportunities to work with other UU congregations through denominational partnerships. Further, many of our USH social justice efforts are community partnerships with local organizations in Greater Hartford.

At USH there is a place for you to work with others to create the world our UU principles aspire to.

Our Social Justice Council is organized into these areas:

  • Welcoming Congregation
  • Green Sanctuary
  • Community Partnerships
  • Denominational Partnerships

Sunday Activities

In addition to doing sustained work in the above areas, USH maintains these Sunday activities to contribute to justice both in and out of the Meeting House.

Good Neighbor Offering: One Sunday each month, we give half of our collected offering to a community organization.

Soup Sundays: Each month, our youth group prepares delicious soup to serve after worship, and they deliver gallons of soup to an area shelter.

Great Decisions: This group discusses current events and other topics, often with a social justice focus, every other Sunday morning before worship.