Inclement Weather Policy

Inclement Weather Policy

Approved by USH Board of Directors on 2.2.16

When extreme weather is forecast, the Board President, Co-Ministers and other staff and lay leaders as relevant will be in consultation about whether to cancel, reschedule or change any pending events in some way. In general, USH leadership encourages people to make decisions that prioritize their safety first and scheduled congregational events and commitments second.


Weather forecasts are increasingly advanced and accurate. With this in mind, the Co-Ministers, Board President and other staff and lay leaders as relevant will be in touch with one another when a major storm is predicted. Any significant changes to the planned schedule of events at USH will be posted to the website and communicated by other methods as possible. In a situation where all travel is banned in the State of Connecticut, we will cancel services. Otherwise, if in doubt, we will have our doors open on Sunday morning and will adapt the service and related events as necessary based on people’s ability to get to the Meeting House and participate.

(Co-Ministers, Staff and Lay Leaders may revise these procedures as necessary, without requiring Board approval.)