USH Financial Management Policy #1
Adopted 9/6/05; Amended and Board Approved 10/12/10

Policy and Process for Funding of Emerging Council Activities

Since Council activities may develop at any time during the year, and may or may not occur within a budget development cycle, a process is needed to authorize funds for these activities, as well as a process for handling the income generated, if any, by the activities.

A Council (or Sub-Council through the Council) may request from the Board of Directors additional funding for “free” activities or a “float” for initial expenses of activities that will generate income (i.e. fee-based or fund-raising activities). 

All income from a Council’s individual activities or a portfolio of activities is part of the Society’s General Fund. A Council may, however, request that all or part of the net income from its activities be used for a specified purpose. Such requests may be made at any time.  The net income from a Council’s activities may be diverted from the general funds of the Society only upon approval in advance by the BOD. Where this is the case with the required Board approval, as a gesture honoring our interconnectedness, not less than five percent of any net fundraising so specified by and for any USH group shall be reserved for general operating support. 

The BOD expects that any concerns regarding the number and scope of fee-based activities, and potential interference with Stewardship plans, activities and objectives, will be addressed through ongoing dialogue and planning among the Councils and staff.