Board Covenant

The USH Board of Directors covenants and affirms its commitment to the seven principles of Unitarian Universalism, to the USH mission and to the following:

We acknowledge that our work takes place in the context of a spiritual community, one that covenants every week that “love is the spirit of this church.” Therefore, we will strive to work together in a loving, courteous, and nonjudgmental way.  We will be intentionally accountable to one another and to the congregation as a whole, e.g. we will work within an orderly process, regularly communicate what we can and cannot do, be responsive to each other by providing updates and revisions to plans/expectations as needed, and model respectful behavior with each other.

We will conduct our work with transparency and at the same time with sensitivity and discretion.  We will seek to work as a team and we will be compassionate and forgiving as individuals to ourselves and one another, assuming mutual good will and positive intentions.