Accepting Donations

The primary means of ongoing financial support for USH is the annual pledges of its members and friends. This general and non-specified giving is the foundation for meeting the ongoing financial needs of the congregation. There are, however, circumstances under which members and friends wish to make additional contributions of durable goods or cash for specified purposes. The following are the USH policies for acceptance.

  • Cash donations for a specific purpose may be accepted upon the recommendation of the primary Council related to the donation and the Stewardship Sub-Council, and approval of the Board of Directors.
  • Donations of durable goods (such as furniture, office equipment, etc.) may be accepted with the advance agreement of the primary Council related to the donation and the Council on Administration. Acceptance of any goods with a value of more that $1000 also requires the approval of the Board of Directors. All donated items become the property of USH.
  • Councils, Sub-Councils and other groups may solicit or encourage donations of goods or cash from members or friends only with the advance approval of Stewardship and the Board of Directors. In general, it is not the intent of the Board of Directors to solicit individual donations outside of the processes led by the Stewardship Sub-Council.
  • If requested, donations will be recognized as anonymous.

USH Financial Management Policy #2

Adopted by the USH Board of Directors on November 8, 2005