Pet Memorial Garden

Using the Unitarian Society of Hartford Pet Memorial Garden

The Pet Memorial Garden is a place for you to got to and remember your pet.  We hope you will love and respect this sacred place and that being there will help you begin to feel less sad.

Ashes of a pet or a small pet (for example, hamster, mouse, goldfish, etc.) may be buried (interred) in the Unitarian Society of Hartford Pet Memorial Garden.

When burying ashes or a small pet, please move the mulch aside and dig a hole in the soil four to six inches deep (not counting the depth of the mulch) for ashes or a hole in the soil eight or more inches deep (not counting the depth of the mulch) for a small pet.  Put the ashes or small pet in the bottom of the hole, replace the soil and pack it down and then replace the mulch.  Please do not leave any objects in the Pet Memorial Garden.

Record Your Memories of Your Special Pet

Remember to record your memories of your pet in the Pet Memorial Garden Memories Book.  If you have lost a pet but do not have it buried in the Pet Memorial Garden, you may want to use a page in the book to record your memories of that pet.  The pet does mot have to be interred in the Pet Memorial Garden.

Pets are very special members of our families.  When a pet dies it makes us very sad.  This book will give you a chance to write and/or draw memories of your special pet.  The white three ring binder is located on a shelf in the office.  The office staff will  help you find it. Please return the binder to the shelf when you are done.

Each plastic sleeve has two sheets of paper. To record your memories, remove one of the sheets.  Write, or draw your memories.  You may use markers, crayons, pen or pencil.  You may add a photograph of your pet, or of you and your pet.  To attach the photograph, please use small pieces of the double sided tape on the back of your photo.  If you wish to use both sides of the page, just remove the second sheet from the plastic sleeve and set it aside.  That way both sides of your page will show.

When you have finished your page, slip it back inside the plastic sleeve so it will be safe and clean.

Be sure to record your pet’s name, your name and any other information you feel is important.

Edited 12-29-21