Covid Policy

Unitarian Society of Hartford COVID-19 Staff & Volunteer Vaccination Policy Effective January 12, 2022

In keeping with the goal of providing and maintaining a workplace that is free of known hazards, the Society’s Board has adopted a COVID-19 vaccination policy (“Policy”) that requires all members of Staff, and all persons who are serving as Volunteers inside the Meeting House, to be fully vaccinated.

Here is our recently updated policy.

January 4, 2022
Message from Rev. Terry Cummings and the USH Board


Dear members & friends of the Unitarian Society of Hartford:
Your safety and the safety of our staff and volunteers are the first priority of those who serve as leaders of your congregation.


Due to the recent and dramatic uptick in Covid 19 in our area, we have decided that our January 9, 2022 service will be online only. The rapidly spreading Omicron variant appears to affect even those who are vaccinated and boosted. The service will be broadcast from the Meeting House, and the service participants will be the only persons permitted in the sanctuary.


To attend the service online, please click HERE: You can also watch the Sunday service livestream at


For the remainder of January, the services will also be online, but there will be an option for up to 25 fully vaccinated congregants to attend in person. If you would like to attend one or more of these services in-person, instead of online, please email Rev. Terry at no later than 5:00pm on the Thursday before the Sunday service. Rev. Terry will respond to your email and let you know if you are one of the first 25 individuals to reserve a spot for the coming Sunday’s service. We ask that you kindly not attend the service in-person without first receiving confirmation from Rev. Terry that your pre-registration has been received.


Please remember that all individuals who enter the Meeting House will be required to wear a properly fitted mask that covers their mouth and their nose. During the service, the individual speaking from the pulpit at the microphone will be permitted (but not required) to remove their mask.
Again, this in-person option will be in place for the January 16, 23 and 30 services, and available only to fully vaccinated individuals. We will reassess our approach and procedure before the February 6th service.


Wishing you a happy and safe New Year and hoping that we see an end to this pandemic soon.
Yours in faith,
Rob Spector, Board Chair
Rev. Terry Cummings, Interim Minister

December 31, 2021
Message from The Board and Rev. Terry Cummings
Dear members & friends of the Unitarian Society of Hartford:
Due to the recent uptick in Covid 19 cases in our area, we have decided that this Sunday’s service will be online only. The service will be broadcast from the Meeting House, and the participants will be in the sanctuary. To attend the service online, please click on the following link: HEREYou can also watch the Sunday service livestream at or on the USH Facebook page.
Wishing you a happy and safe New Year celebration.

We will not meet in person at USH this Sunday, due to Covid concerns.

09-01-2021 BOARD UPDATE 
In keeping with current CDC guidelines, all individuals entering the Meeting House need to wear a mask. Masks are available if you do not have one; signs are posted as reminders.
USH has returned to in-person, in-sanctuary worship services. Here’s what you should know:
  • We continue to follow CDC guidance; right now, that guidance is for everyone to wear a mask indoors, regardless of vaccination status. Bring and wear your mask; if you forget, we have a supply and will give you one.
  • The sanctuary is large enough to accommodate comfortably all who are likely to come. We can spread out, maintaining reasonable distance from each other. Currently, alternate pews are cordoned off to facilitate separation.
  • We are continuing to livestream the service on multiple platforms… you are able to participate, even if you cannot be here in person! The capacity to feature virtual participation has been one of the (few) ongoing benefits of the pandemic.
  • The building has been maintained at high standards, and is in great shape. Recommended cleaning protocols have been followed scrupulously. The space is well-ventilated.
  • We expect many are hesitant to return, possibly for a very long time — and that’s perfectly fine! Stay home, and join us on Vimeo, Facebook, or Zoom (including coffee hour). However, you choose to be here, you are welcome.
  • Post-service coffee hours will be held outside, in the Memorial Garden, if weather permits. This allows mingling at discreet distances for greater safety.