Becoming a Member

Why?   What is my commitment?   When?   Who cares?

 You might be asking yourself these questions about whether or not you want to become a member of the Unitarian Society of Hartford (USH).


Many of us feel a deep yearning to belong. We hunger to be completely welcomed, somewhere, for all of who we are. One member writes: “Being a contributing and involved member of USH uplifts my life and spirits in the knowledge that my involvement, membership and financial support help to sustain this vibrant community with its vital strengthening and betterment of the lives of all who find their way to our doors, just as it has done for me.” Other members value community, liberal religious ideals, principles for living, opportunities for spiritual growth, knowing that someone is there to help you through life passages, or being a part of an ethical, intellectual and warm community.

Membership deepens your connection with the congregation and helps to make your participation more meaningful for you and for the community as a whole. Membership gives you the opportunity to vote at the annual meeting, serve on the Board, vote on ministerial selection, receive a free subscription to the UU World magazine, serve as an appointed delegate to the General Assembly gatherings and more.

What is my commitment?

We ask that, if financially able, members pledge a monthly amount to support USH. We also hope that you will continue to intentionally engage in your own spiritual journey and join in the variety of activities and opportunities that are offered. We encourage you to be of service to the USH community and to the larger world.


Only you can answer this question. We hope that you might find your way to making this decision in time for one of our New Member ceremonies, which generally take place in December and May. But, we recognize that this is a very personal decision and one that must feel right for you. Our ministers and the Membership Committee are here to answer questions that you might have and to help you reach discernment.

Who cares?

We do! We hope that you have felt welcomed into our community and we look forward to getting to know you even better. We look forward to making our interconnected web of life even more connected.

—The Membership Sub-council