USH Board


While there are many unknowns financially for all of us, our community, and the broader community, there is also some good news to share. First, our Emergency Appeal has already raised over $24,000! Thanks to all who have already contributed. Additional contributions are still needed and welcome.  Second, our congregation’s application for a federal loan, ultimately convertible to a grant, under the federal stimulus Payroll Protection Act, has been approved for over $51,000. This will be of tremendous assistance in maintaining salaries for all of our staff and meeting other needs, especially in light of the loss of rental income, weekly in-person collections, Meeting House Presents income, and the probable reduction in pledge payments from members who are suffering financially. We owe huge thanks to our Treasurer, Phil Gardner, and our Bookkeeper, Brian Mullen, for their speedy work in navigating the complex application process.

We will not conduct a “normal” Stewardship campaign this year. Instead, we ask everyone who can to at least maintain their current pledge, those who cannot to let us know as soon as possible, and those who can do so to increase their pledges by 5% – 25% to help make up for all our known and anticipated revenue reductions. You’ll be hearing more details soon.

We can’t say this often enough – if you or someone you know in the congregation is struggling, psychically or financially, PLEASE let us know. Reach out to our Ministers or any member of the Caring Committee. We want to do what we can. USH remains a strong, vibrant, caring community. Thanks for helping us stay that way!