Order of Service

Unitarian Society of Hartford
Nourishing spirit, building community, working for justice 

Order of Service
Sunday, October 3rd, 2021, 10:30 am
Peace, Anti- War 

Opening Music 

Welcome and Chalice Lighting
Our chalice lighting words today are by Rev. Terry 

Chalice Lighting for Harvest Gratitude 

 We light our chalice, symbol of our faith,
For truth, sought through a questioning heart and an attentive mind
And for love, pursued through obstacles inside and outside our own human heart;
And for forgiveness, and all it entails
The place where truth and love meet and merge. 

     #121 We’ll Build a Land 

Words of Gathering 

Time for All Ages  

Children’s Recessional 

     #95 There is More Love Somewhere  


Offering Music 


Musical Interlude  

     An Immovable Feast 

     # 112 Do You Hear? 

Turning Inward 

Candles of Memory and Hope  

Spirit of Life, come unto me.
Sing in my heart all the stirrings of compassion.
Blow in the wind, rise in the sea;
Move in the hand, giving life the shape of justice.
Roots hold me close; wings set me free;
Spirit of Life, come to me, come to me. 

Extinguishing the Chalice 

We extinguish this flame but not the light of truth,
the warmth of community, or
the fire of commitment;
these we carry in our hearts until we are together again. 

Sending Song
     #1057 Go Lifted Up