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Unitarian Society of Hartford


Building Community Since 1830

Rev. Terry Cummings, Interim Minister

 50 Bloomfield Avenue, Hartford, CT 06105

Tel: (860) 233-9897 • Email: hartforduusociety@gmail.com

Website: www.ushartford.org

Office Administrator's Hours:  Sunday through Thursday, 9:00am to 2:00pm, or email/call for an appointment. 



January 5, 2022







January 9th, 2022, 10:30am 


"Caging The Tiger"  

Rev. Terry Cummings, Interim Minister

Sam Moffett, Director of Music Ministries

Judy Robbins, Worship Associate

Buffie, Zoom & Coffee Hour Hostess


10:30am ONLINE ONLY Worship Service


Join us in ZOOM HERE.

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Closed captions are available.

Meeting ID: 931 0388 7934

Passcode: 128493


11:30am - Fellowship Time will be immediately following services in 



You can also watch the Sunday service at https://vimeo.com/unitariansocietyhartford or on the USH Facebook page.




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Town Hall Meeting 

Please join us HERE on January 30th, 2022 for our USH "Town Hall" meeting via ZOOM



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Letter from the Minister

A year ago tomorrow, on January 6th of 2021, I was transfixed by what I saw on my television screen.  

I make no secret of the fact that I was appalled by the Presidency of Donald Trump, like many Democrats as well as like many Republicans. And delighted that it was coming to an end. 


I am aware that a minister who shares their political leanings risks alienating those members of the congregation they serve whose political affiliation is different. 


My antipathy towards “Trumpism,” however, is less a political reaction than it is a spiritual one. It is a reaction that is grounded in my faith in our seven Unitarian Universalist principles as well as the six sources of our faith tradition.


I welcome both Republicans and Democrats in the congregation I serve, along with people of every other political persuasion. That is something I carry deeply in my heart. It is part of my personal call to ministry, to serve everyone regardless of which political party they belong to.


Yet that is not the issue. There are some views that are so at odds with what we UUs believe in that as a Unitarian Universalist, and as minister, I must speak out against them. I remember, back when I was in seminary, reading an article about Unitarian Universalism in which the writer, a distinguished minister of many years standing, wrote that a person who believed in Nazism would likely not feel welcome in a UU congregation. Being accepting and welcoming of everyone does not mean that extreme and violent political views should also be welcomed.


And so, I watched in horror and alarm, like millions of others, as the attack on our nation’s Capitol buildings unfolded last January 6th. 


Truth be told, the main reason I turned on my TV set in the first place was because I sensed that something terrible might happen, that a brutal dictatorship might unfold. Members of the LGBTQ community, of which I am one, live with the reality that the wider America is not always welcoming or safe. I never felt safe during the Trump years, and I still don’t feel completely safe in the current political climate.


The January 6th insurrection included white supremacists marching through the Capitol buildings carrying a confederate flag, something Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis were unable to achieve. I was sickened, ashamed, and frightened.

A year later these feelings are still raw for me.


A year later I am reflecting on what I can do as a citizen to resist the undisguised attempts to deny entire black and brown communities across our country the right to vote.


I will not turn on my television tomorrow, January 6th, 2022. I will remember instead my experience of watching a year ago.



This Sunday, January 9th, I hope that you will join our online service that begins at 10:30 a.m. In my homily I will explore some of the ways in which we can give meaning to the blessing to have a “Happy New Year.” What practices can we follow to improve our chances of having a happy 2022 irrespective of what happens in the world around us?


I hope to see you online this Sunday.


In faith and love, Rev. Terry Cummings






 Did UU Know?




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Communications Sub-Council Springs to Enthusiastic Life


After a period of, how shall we say it diplomatically and in a forward looking way, disuse, the Communications Sub-Council is active again under the able direction of Community Within leader Tina Davies.


Following organizational activity, the newly revived group is working on substantial defects/needs in our efforts to communicate among ourselves and with outside citizens. Three areas of ongoing improvements include updating the Photo Directory, producing online services, and repairing outdate portions of the USH web by revising both organization and content.


One demonstration-example of this activity related to the USH-Enews, is this newly designed space.  It will not replace other customary USH-Enews articles but will be a section of general interest changing every week, a place where articles of various lengths will be posted, and continued on a web page as necessary, one where readers will find past and current articles published in their entirety.

Here we should pause recognizing those volunteers who make all such activity possible. 


As you have seen, we have effectively adjusted to the assault of Covid by upgrading our equipment and producing one-line services. Thanks to the USH Sunday Service Streaming Team of Jon and Mike Covault, Paul and Laura Cipriano, Rick Tsukada and Ed Savage assisted by staff member Buffie Pinney, we are experiencing ever improving services at a distance.  We shall not be deterred by a bit of evolved bat DNA from elsewhere on the planet.


The technical work of course depends on equal or greater efforts of Worship Associates, Sam, Rev. Terry, et al.

Brian Harvey, long in his excellent service to USH, continues his efforts to maintain and update the ever-changing Directory, lists and reports relating to membership, New Member Ceremony inserts for the Order of Service, New Member and USH Board introductions for the lower lobby bulletin boards, along with designing miscellaneous posters and flyers.

A Web Policy/Editors sub-group consisting of Toni Gold, Bruce Robbins, Laura Cipriano, Tina Davies, David, and Janice Newton is at work on web improvements and design while Joanne Orlando continues contributing her general experience including social justice connections and support of the Village next door.


But wait, there is more. 


In the weeks that follow the link below will take you to the Did UU Know? Web area where, among other things, you will find such articles as this linked in their full text.

Articles, full or continued, are found in their entirety here: https://ushartford.org/did-uu-know/






 USH Community & Business 



Please take note that the next Board meeting will be on January 11th at 6:30pm via Zoom






Announcing UU SpiritLife Conversations


Our spring program, UU SpiritLife Conversations, is a series of facilitated zoom conversations on spiritual topics, offered on the fourth Saturday mornings, January through May, 9-10:30 AM. SpiritLife Conversations open to all members of the three Hartford area UU churches on a drop-in basis – you don’t need to register or commit to the whole series. The topic for January 29 will be Finding Balance In An Unstable World. Please go to uuspiritlife.org and click the Programs tab for complete information. Questions can be directed to Judy Robbins at judyrobb2@gmail.com. 






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Meeting House Sing-Along update . We wish you a Happy New Year . . . but ...

As you may know both Fred and Ed are in a high risk category for COVID infection. The UU Meeting House board has canceled in- person events, and we agree that 'an abundance of caution' are the words of Year 2022 for now.

We will postpone second Saturday Sing- Alongs until COVID contagion rates drop back at least below 5%. Watch for a monthly update from us.

Contact: Fred Louis (FlLouis@yahoo.com ). 





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Programs for Adults and Families



Adult Programs:The USH Book Club: Meets monthly, on the 2nd Thursday, 2:30 – 4:30 pm, via Zoom. All adults in the USH community are welcome. Please contact Ginny Allen at fiddlenurse1@gmail.com if you'd like more information or if you want to join. An email with Zoom link will be sent a day or two before the meeting. 

Book Selections 2021-2022

Jan 13. Mansfield Park-  Jane Austin

Feb 10- A Promised Land- Barack Obama

March 10- Finding Higher Ground: An Adaption in the Age of Warming- Amy Seidel

Apr 14- First Friends:The Powerful Unsung (and Unelected) People Who Shaped Our Presidents- Gary Ginsberg

May 12- The Extended Mind:Thinking Outside Your Brain-Anne Murphy Paul

June 9- The Hellfire Club- Jay Tapper

July 14- Hamnet- Maggie O’Farrell

Aug 11- The Vanishing Half- Brit Bennett


20's/30's Group: If you would like to join, please email Tara Cote at tcote11@gmail.com


Disability Support Group:

This group meets on line the first Saturday of each month at 10 a..m. The zoom link is sent a few days prior to the meeting. In this group participants discuss the challenges of physical disability (chronic illness, chronic pain, impaired senses, impaired mobility) and emotional pain (loss, mental illness) and the stresses of caretaking a loved one. What is said in the group stays in the group.

Email Gloria Bent for more information at bentgloria@gmail.com or call at 860 904-7768. 




Caring Network



From the USH Caring Network: Please inform the Caring Network of needs, or volunteer your services. If you know of any member experiencing some difficulty, please contact Janice Newton or any member of the Caring Network so we can provide some assistance. A wide range of community services is also available to those in need by calling the Community Info Line at 211.  




Meeting House Presents




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Thank you for your support of Meeting House Presents!! If you are receiving this email you have signed up to be on our mailing list or you have purchased tickets online through brown paper tickets and given us your email address. 

 Thank you for supporting independent musicians, live music and Meeting House Presents! Hope to see you soon!!


Laura and Paul Cipriano

Meeting House Presents, Unitarian Society of Hartford, CT







News from the USH Board of Directors




Your 2021-2022 USH Board 

Rob Spector: President

Eve Pech: President-Elect

Bob Hewey: Treasurer

Sarah Harmon McKenzie: Secretary

Peter Meny: Spiritual Life Council Chair

Jon Covault: Administration Council Chair

Dana Donovan: Social Justice Council Chair

Tina Davies: Community Within Council Chair

Rev. Terry Cummings, Interim Minister (ex-officio)





The latest financial reports for FY July-Aug 2021 have been posted, click HERE to view.


The Board Meeting minutes for July 2021 have been posted. To view the USH Directory, Reports, meeting minutes and other church business information online, click HERE. Contact Buffie Pinney at hartforduusociety@gmail.com for the username and password.




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Please consult our Online Calendar regularly for all upcoming events coordinated by the
Unitarian Society of Hartford: 

To submit a Calendar Request (also for an online USH Zoom Room gathering) click HERE.


To read the USH Blog click HERE.

E-News Contributors please take note: The deadline for USH E-News submissions is Tuesday at 12 Noon. Please include the dates that your submission should be included in the 'Subject' field.





USH Staff:



Rev. Terry Cummings, Interim Minister

revterryush@gmail.com | 860-233-9897 ext. 103

Dianne Daniels, Intern Minister (half time, through December 2021, & not in July or August)
USHInternDD@gmail.com  | 860-233-9897 ext. 109

Sam Moffett, Director of Music Ministries

smoffettuu@gmail.com | 860-233-9897 ext. 108


Buffie Pinney, Office Administrator & Building Rentals

hartforduusociety@gmail.com | 860-233-9897 ext. 100


Brian Mullen, Bookkeeper - Office or Phone by Appointment  brianmullenush@gmail.com 860-233-9897 ext. 102






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Please contact our Office Administrator, Buffie Pinney, with any administrative questions or concerns. 

Buffie is working Sunday through Thursday from 9am-2pm. Please email at her at hartforduusociety@gmail.com

Buffie is always happy to hear from you!




The deadline for USH-Enews submissions to Buffie is by

Tuesday at 12 Noon.
Email to: hartforduusociety@gmail.com
Please note in the subject line "USH-Enews." Thank you for your submission!




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In ancient Roman religion and myth, Janus is the god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways, passages, frames, and endings. He is usually depicted as having two faces. The month of January is named for Janus . en.wikipedia.org