Green Sanctuary

In 2009, our congregation adopted a Covenant on the Earth.

Green Sanctuary exists to help our congregation live in harmony and create a healthier world environment. We do this through activities that educate and engender greater awareness of our impact on the environment and how we can bring forth positive change in personal lifestyle choices, congregational activities and the broader community.

Recent accomplishments:

  • Established the “green table” at coffee hour on Sundays to generate interest in and provide access to green cleaning products and paper goods.
  • Conducted a survey with a strong educational component to get people thinking of changes they could make to help the environment.
  • Expanded our bulletin board to bring more information/education and resources to people’s every day lives.
  • Offered an adult program discussion course entitled “Choices in Sustainable Living.”

Contact Jeff Howard (817-999-6208 or or Mary Sherwin (860-232-7689 or to join in some of the ongoing activities.