Luggage of Love Project

 Kids in Care, Luggage of Love Inc.

This USH social justice project was started in 2019 by Dylan Maldonado and supported by his mother, Doris Maldonado—AIM co-chair.  The project was informed by Dylan and his brother’s time as young children in foster care, having to transport their belongings in garbage bags, while facing the challenges of physical and mental health disabilities.

The purpose of the project is to raise awareness of the many needs of foster children, 80% of whom suffer from mental health disabilities, as well as adverse childhood experiences, learning disorders and ADHD.

The project hopes to restore a sense of integrity and humanity to foster children by ensuring that

they at least have luggage for their belongings, rather than feeling “disposable”, like garbage bags.

The project is also being incorporated into a larger community group of youth in the Hartford area living with disabilities or chronic illnesses called CT KASA (CT Kids as Self Advocates), to insure the sustainable focus over time on the needs of foster kids.

How you can help

Bring gently used luggage to USH at the designated drop off spot in the entry foyer. 

You can also donate supplies to put in the luggage (see poster for suggested items).

The collection will be brought to DCF and other locations where it can be distributed to kids in need.