Publishing Personal Info on the Web

As a general policy phone numbers and/or e-mail addresses of committee chairs and various contact persons will be published on the web for the convenience of those reading web pages. However, any individual who is not comfortable with this policy may request that the web master remove or not publish his/her name, phone number and/or e-mail address. Such request shall be granted. Send requests using the questions and comments form to the left at the bottom of this page..


Discussion : Phone numbers and names are published in phone books for the convenience of the public. In addition, many e-mail addresses are already incorporated in various public databases. Many people don’t know this. Such information is generally available to search engines. Interest in the Unitarian Society of Hartford Web Site is primarily limited to the congregation and related UUA organizations. Consequently, access to phone numbers and e-mail addresses is convenient for those who rely on electronic resources for information otherwise filed or lost one place or another at home or in the office. Failure to provide this information is generally a self-inflicted delay in accomplishing various communication tasks.

Unlisted phone numbers (should not be available anyway), those numbers that for domestic reasons should not be generally known, or the phone number or e-mail address of an individual who simply is concerned about their own personal privacy, shall be omitted from the web site upon request.