Our Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden serves as a quiet area of beauty and dignity for the disposition of the cremated remains of loved ones.  Although the garden is not a cemetery, it serves much the same function as a traditional church burial ground.  The Garden offers comfort to those who wish to remain close to the church family even in death.  The Memorial Garden provides an alternative memorial for our church family that is suited to our beliefs.

The Memorial Garden Committee (Susan, Hope, Evan Williams, Martha Bradley, Bruce Robbins, Laura &  Paul Cipriano, David & Janice Newton), a part of the Building and Grounds Sub-Council, is under the auspice of the Council for Administration.

The Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden, a place of beauty, peace and tranquility was established in 1991 and further developed by the addition of new landscaping in 1999.  A patio area with benches was also added, providing a comfortable place to mediate and remember.   Plantings in the Garden were selected to produce blooming through most of the season. The Garden has an automatic watering system. In the adjacent entry from the Meeting House is a wall plaque commemorating those whose ashes are interred in the Garden.

To assure the maintenance and upkeep of this sacred place and for engravings for the plaque, a suggested minimum donation of $200.00 for perpetual care is requested. Donations should be made to the Unitarian Society of Hartford with Memorial Garden Fund.


In addition, a Book of Remembrance is maintained. It was established in 1991. Conceived by Evelyn Rich, Louise Willett and its designer Jeanette Smith, it is used to memorialize the life of a loved one who was either a member or friend of the Society, and their family members. Examples of entries may include poetry, sketches, testimonials, and segments of the memorial sermon. Each entry should be limited to three pages or less. Inserts, including photographs, newspaper clippings, photocopies, etc., must not be enclosed or glued to the page. It should not be used as a sign in guest book for memorial services. The order of service for a memorial service is customarily included.

This book must not be removed from the Meeting House. It is housed in a locked case located at the South Exit to the Memorial Garden. A member of the memorial reception committee will give permission for its use and has the key to the locked case.

The Wall Plaque and Book of Remembrance

On the interior wall by the exit door to the Memorial Garden, a plaque is displayed with brass nameplates on which are engraved the names of the interred.

The Committal Service

The Memorial Garden is available for committal services for members and friends of the Society and their families.

Any requests for exceptions to the stated guidelines will be referred to the Memorial Garden Committee (Susan Hope, Evan Williams, Martha Bradley, Bruce Robbins, Laura &  Paul Cipriano, David & Janice Newton) .  Such exceptions will be considered on an individual basis.

In the committal service, ashes are removed from their container and placed in the ground.  The Minister is prepared to assist in the planning and performance of the committal service. No individual markers may be set in place.  On the day of the committal service, however, the family may display flowers if they wish.

Edited 07-14-23