The Life Inside Lundy’s Landmark

On December 18, 2014, an article appeared in the Hartford Courant, written by architect Michael J. Crosbie, that discussed the unique structure of the Meeting House. What follows below is a short response written by our co-ministers, Rev. Cathy and Heather Rion Starr, which was published in the Courant.

The links to the right include the original article and our ministers’ complete response.

The Life Inside Lundy’s Landmark

Although we were pleased to see our congregation’s building highlighted in the Dec. 18 op-ed “Landmark Leaky Unitarian Church At 50,” we are disappointed that the article ignored the diligent work that’s been done to maintain the Meeting House, warm it up and fix most of the leaks—and more important, any depiction of the lively community that gathers within.

Absent in Michael J. Crosbie’s column is the warmth of the people here, living out the theology that our building, designed by Modernist architect Victor Lundy, represents. It is a place where all are encouraged to ask questions, to engage with our whole minds and hearts, to learn from one another of all ages, to rethink lifelong assumptions, to care for each other regardless of whether we all agree, and to engage in service, environmental and racial justice work together that happens here, within and because of this place, is as important as its distinctive shape.

All are welcome any Sunday at 10:30 AM., or at our festive and playful 50th birthday party on Jan. 17. Guests will be heartily welcomed by a lively intergenerational cadre of free-thinkers from 4 months old to 97 years.

—Revs. Cathy and Heather Rion Starr